DCD’s Pre-K Class play offered a delightful tale of friendship and fun!

This morning, our youngest students took the stage, transformed by their incredible animal costumes into denizens of the jungle— lions, tigers, zebras, sun bears, cheetahs, and elephants! Together, our Pre-k students performed a song, and then leapt into their story of these friendly animals.

Confidently announcing the lines they had carefully memorized, these bold Pre-k actors took their attentive audience on a journey of friendship, connection, and fun! As the curtain fell and they took their final bows, Head of School Allison Webster offered an important perspective amid the applause— just as the animals had learned how to have fun in the play, our Pre-k students themselves were engaging in the steps that research has shown to promote true health and well-being: challenging themselves and working together to accomplish something new!

Thanks and congratulations to all of our incredible Pre-k performers, as well as to all of our incredible parents for their help in learning lines! Thanks to Mrs. Swan and Mrs Jackson for narrating the play and helping craft the scenery, and Mrs. Rothwell for making all the costumes! And thanks also to Ms. Sidoli for another incredible Pre-k class play!