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Students working on a project together
A student working on an art print
A teacher working with her students
Students working on lego robotics.
A student practicing her long jump
Students raising their hand in a classroom
A student focusing on his keyboard
Students volunteering at a community event
A student playing lacrosse
Students listening to their teacher
Students working on a project together
Students smiling at the camera
Students hugging during graduation


Why We’re Different

An Exceptional Experience for Children

Any school can offer children a place to learn. DCD gives them a place to grow – outward through their community connections, upward in their academic success, and inward as they find their unique strengths.

Our dynamic community includes everyone – students, teachers, and parents – because every relationship formed and fostered at DCD helps children grow. In fact, the strong bonds children build with their teachers help us recognize their learning style and engage them with the right mix of educational tradition and innovation. At DCD, it all comes down to balance – challenge and support, strong scholastics combined with outstanding arts and athletics, and equal focus on academic and emotional intelligence.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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Your Child’s Journey

Students laughing and smiling during class.


Reaching Their Full Potential

What sets DCD’s learning environment apart is our ability to motivate students to stretch but never forget they are kids. We know that rigor on its own can create stress, while appropriate challenge builds confidence. Our teachers are passionate about helping children become articulate thinkers who will take risks and reach their full potential because they feel fully supported along the way.

Students working on art projects.


Finding Their Passion

At DCD, we believe there is no better way for children to learn self-expression and tap their creativity than through a solid foundation in the arts. We start early and build upon that foundation each year. That way, children can explore their sense of creativity, find their unique talents and learn to appreciate the artistic process, whether they’re working on the visual or performing arts.

Students doing yoga during class


Learning Through Play

While DCD’s physical education and team sports offer valuable health benefits, the learning that happens when children are at play is part of the balanced education we provide. Teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, strategy and leadership are all part of the athletic experience at DCD, and valuable life lessons children use beyond school. At DCD, children learn that winning is more than the best score. It’s bringing your best self.

Our Voices

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Class of 2021

8th Grade Students

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Sharon Perkins Allen

DCD Current Parent

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Stephanie Pearl

DCD Current Parent


Student Life

Life At DCD

Children learn who they are as diverse individuals and how to be part of something bigger. Acceptance is a given, and children find encouragement in every connection they make. It’s a community that nurtures, nudges and gives. That’s how we grow “whole” children—and ultimately adults who will thrive with the intellectual and emotional capacity to contribute to their world and enjoy meaningful lives.

What the DCD Community is Saying

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I was very well prepared for high school. Coming from DCD it wasn’t as stressful as it could have been. I am able to handle challenging classes because I already knew what it was like to work at this level so I was ready for it. It’s been so nice to be in a high school class and to discover, hey I know this!

Kathryn Class of 2017

DCD values social and emotional learning. We don’t just say it, we embody it. This core value is reflected in everything we do. It’s a guiding principle which gives us the space as teachers to do what we need to do. We are empowered to really connect with our students and establish relationships.

Rob Thacher Middle School teacher and Advisor

The continuum in learning is also so important at DCD. The teachers know what children have learned and what they will be learning. They can share notes on things they have seen along the way in terms of a child’s strengths and struggles. I really appreciate this as a parent.

Fadie Coleman DCD Past Parent
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