The Grade 8 Class Play offered an unforgettable tale of suspicion, collaboration, and deceit!

Unfolding amidst a dramatic court case, the Grade 8 class play follows a complicated web of accusations, evidence, and deceit, and explores the competing interests of selfish greed and kindness, guilt and innocence, and ultimately, the truth!

Through hilarious and dramatic courtroom interrogations, allegations and suspense, the Grade 8 class play demonstrates the value of kindness over greed, truth over lies, and overcoming the fear to speak honestly even when the consequences might not always be in your favor.

Thanks and congratulations to our incredible Grade 8 performers for a sensational and unforgettable final Grade 8 class play at DCD! Thanks to all the teachers and families for their amazing support! Thanks to Sharon Allen for her wonderful work on costumes, and thanks also to Karen Eutemey and the middle school set design class for their beautiful work on scenery, and finally, thank you to Ms. Sidoli for another fabulous class play!