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Two students smiling on an outing.

Our Connected Community

Beyond the Classroom

Between the lessons, in the hallways, at any time and anywhere, something special happens at DCD.

Everyone feels it. Everyone owns it. Everyone gives to it and everyone gets something from it — the deep sense of connection and staying connected at DCD.

Connection isn’t something we teach. It’s something we live — from students to teachers to parents. In the broadest sense, connection at DCD creates a sense of comfort, acceptance, compassion and caring. It fosters responsibility in children, while allowing them the joy of being kids.

In the moment, connection can mean different things to each member of our community. For a young child with a loose shoelace, maybe it’s the seventh grader who stops to help tie that shoe. For a parent, maybe it’s a teacher who adapts to their child’s unique learning style. For teachers, maybe it’s brainstorming together to help children understand and engage with the world outside DCD.

No matter how we all experience it, at DCD, connection is a constant — helping kids feel safe, keeping us aware and creating the passion we thrive on, together.