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A student smiling while in class and listening to the teacher

Making an Impact

DCD Annual Fund

The DCD Annual Fund is the largest source of non-tuition revenue that helps support and sustain the outstanding academics, athletics, arts, technology, resources, and faculty at DCD.

The Annual fund keeps our school thriving through all of our learning models and is also an important source of support for our financial aid budget, ensuring that DCD remains an affordable option to as many families as possible.

The high level of participation in the DCD Annual Fund from parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, trustees, and friends illustrates and reinforces our collective commitment to providing DCD’s students the best possible balanced and child-centric educational experience.

A gift of any size to the Annual Fund is an option for anyone who values the DCD experience. Our fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 and all donors are recognized in our annual report.

2022-23 Annual Fund Facts


Participation by Board of Trustees


Participation by Annual Fund Ambassadors


Participation by Faculty & Staff


Participation by Current Parents

136 Donors

Gave their first gift to the Annual Fund

41 Years

Most consecutive years of giving by a donor

Why is Reaching 100% Participation Important?

DCD’s consistently high current parent participation rate demonstrates the belief of our families in DCD’s learning model and its incredible faculty and staff. This sends a strong, positive message to internal and external audiences, including prospective families and charitable foundations.

Katie and Jake McDonnell with their three children

Message from the 2022-2023 Annual Fund Chairs

The kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, and altruism of others have shaped our experiences and interactions with the world and have brought us to this moment serving as the 2022-2023 Annual Fund co-chairs. 

Through the years, we have both benefited in countless ways from the acts of neighbors, family, friends, and community. For example, financial aid and scholarships helped us attend high school and college. And at DCD, tuition assistance enabled us to afford our initial enrollment years as well.  So, we understand firsthand what a difference giving can make and have witnessed its impact in the lives of others and throughout whole communities. That’s why we’re happy to serve DCD’s tremendous community that inspires nearly 100% parent participation every year.

The theme of this year’s Annual Fund is Forward. Forward evokes DCD’s momentum as we manage through the challenges of the pandemic and turn our focus to the many opportunities ahead. It describes our collective commitment to ensuring our teachers get all the resources they need. It reflects our desire to help DCD to continue providing our students with an outstanding balanced education that meets the moment’s challenges and opportunities.

DCD’s Annual Fund is crucial for controlling tuition costs while expanding opportunities to enhance our children’s learning experiences. It allows us to be prepared for the unexpected and meet challenges as they arise. Participation at any level also signals a deep trust in our school’s leadership, especially Allison Webster, as she continually assesses what is needed for DCD’s curriculum and campus.

Please join with the many members of our community who believe that each of us can make a positive, long-lasting difference, and that every one of us is a thread that lends strength to the fabric of DCD.

– Joke & Katie McDonnell P’24, ’26, ’29


Annual Fund Ambassadors

  • Maisa Badawy and Walter Garbacik, 2023-24 Co-Chairs
  • Tricia Balatico Burch and Dan Burch
  • Brian Blackman and Lisa Palmer
  • Laurence Bloom and Stephanie Pearl
  • Danielle Canty ’02 and Daniel Jean-Pierre
  • Kate and Michael Cocchi
  • Chris and Julie Cox, 2023-24 Co-Chairs
  • Melissa Crowe and Joe Cuccinelli
  • Chris and Seneca Francione
  • Chester Hedgepeth and Alyson Kelley-Hedgepeth
  • Allen Hwang and Supriya Rao
  • Kristin Kara ’91 and Yanni Tsipis
  • Morgan Lackenbauer and Morgen Peck
  • Kathryn Novicki ’85 and Charles Baumeister
  • David and Yulia Perlman
  • Caitlin and Jonathan Reisman
  • Ashley and Linda Shih
  • Mark and Nicole Solimini

DCD Annual Report

2022-2023 DCD Annual Report

DCD Annual Report

Thank you!

We are so grateful to our community of parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends who demonstrated their commitment to DCD with generous donations to the school.

2022-2023 DCD Annual Report

Receive a Printed Copy

If you would like to receive a printed version of the DCD Annual Report, please contact the Advancement Office

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A current DCD grandparent, an alumnus, and current DCD parents share their perspectives on DCD and the direct impact the annual fund has had on their experiences.

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