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A student working on a project in the woodworking program.


Create, Imagine, & Explore

DCD Arts

To create, imagine, and explore – this is the daily practice of the arts at DCD and an essential part, we believe, in educating the whole child. And we don’t just pay lip service to the arts. The time in our schedule and the resources dedicated to the arts curriculum speak to the value, as educators, we place on the creative process. The learning along the way in the process is where the true lessons lie, not just in the final product. Effective self-expression comes from commitment, hard work, and exploration.

While some of our students discover a passion that may influence their trajectory after DCD, our goal is not to churn out artists – but to create life long learners willing to explore, take risks, and appreciate all that comes their way whether it be a visual creation, stage performance or intellectual pursuit.


Confidence, Creativity, & Appreciation

Our Art Program

The solid foundation established in early grades gives children an opportunity to develop the confidence, creativity, and appreciation of the artistic process that flowers in our middle school program and beyond.

By middle school, DCD students have access to 40 different arts classes to choose from as they build their arts schedule each year. Each term, students take three different classes which equal nine classes each year. To ensure a balanced experience in the arts, students engage in the four disciplines of music, drama, woodworking, and visual arts throughout the year.

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