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Together Campaign

The DCD Capital Campaign


The Together Campaign builds off the priorities established by the school’s 2019 Strategic Plan. That plan crafted a vision for elevating DCD’s child-centric learning model, including creating new spaces to strengthen our ability to gather as a community and support our whole-child program.

With the new Lower School Science Room fully operational in support of our science program, our remaining top priority for enhancing the physical plant is construction of a new theater that provides an appropriate space for our performing arts program and a place where the whole school can gather for assemblies and other purposes.

During the “Quiet Phase” we have made incredible progress toward our financial goals, raising more than $13 million to date, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with a broader range of our community so we can bring the campaign across the finish line, Together.

View the Campaign Video


Campaign Priorities

Lower School Science Room: ACHIEVED

To give teachers and students the space to explore

Expanded Theater Space

To gather community at the heart of our school

Strengthened Endowment

To ensure a strong future for those who follow us

Our Progress to Date

A ribbon cutting event for the lower school science room


A New Lower School Science Room

Science is fundamental to a DCD education for students of all ages. We’ve always included it in our Lower School curriculum—biology, geology, and environmental science. Until recently, students through fifth grade have needed to either borrow Middle School science rooms or rely on science carts delivered to their classrooms. But thanks to a generous grandparent and our Together Campaign, we opened the new Lower School Science room in Spring 2022. Featuring a range of age-appropriate tools and materials and a seamless connection with the outdoors, this space offers teachers and students more opportunities to connect and explore.


A Reimagined Theater

The next step in our campaign will be the construction of a new theater to form the heart of our school, our foremost gathering space and performance venue. For years, our theater has been home to countless special moments, and has helped DCD students gain self-assurance and self-possession. Our newly designed theater will be more comfortable, functional, and integrated with adjacent spaces, offering increased capacity, an abundance of natural light, and better sight lines for audience members.


Bringing DCD Together

At the heart of our campaign is our desire to bring the DCD community together in as many ways as possible. We witnessed the power of this at our formal campaign launch event, held in November 2023 at the ‘Quin in Boston. Current families and board members came together with alumni and past friends to share in a night of celebration, reflecting back on past campaigns, placing side-by-side the valuable history of DCD with their present experiences, and considering the bright future still to come.

Contact Us for More Information

Together, we can build a strong foundation for DCD’s future. Reach out to us with any questions, or for more information on how you can help.

I love that magic and excitement of the whole school coming to see a play. Everyone filtering from their classrooms to get to this main space, right at the center of the school—children supporting one another, gathering together, being proud that they’re able to share something with friends and family. That’s a powerful thing to see.

Elisa Sidoli Drama Director and Director of Secondary School Counseling