The Grade 2 Class Play offered an incomparable story of bravery, collaboration, and selflessness!

Unfolding beneath the sparkling surface of the sea, this performance explores the competing interests of selfish greed and the selfless empathy for others, and the power of standing up bravely in the face of fear. Through hilarious, energetic, and at times sinister performances of our Grade 2 students, this Grade 2 class play demonstrates the value of overcoming the paralyzing nature of fear and power in order to lend our own help to those who most need it.

Following the performance, Head of School Allison Webster remarked how proud she was of the Grade 2 students for learning their lines and delivering them with such excitement and animation. She also emphasized, however, that what she was most proud of was how well they worked together as a team!

Thanks to our incredible Grade 2 performers, along with the teachers and families for their indescribable support in bringing these sea creatures, sailors, and kings and queens to life! Thanks to Sharisse Cail Perry for her impressive work on these transformative costumes, and thanks also to Grade 4 teacher Dan Miller for his work on scenery, transporting our audience deep beneath the surface of the sea. Also much appreciated was the work of Maeve Lien and Valerie Snow, which buoyed our performers on waves of inspirational music! And finally, thank you to Ms. Sidoli for another amazing class play!