Class Parents

Class parents for each grade are responsible for organizing all class-related activities for one school year. Major responsibilities include: Back-to-School Night, class play, field trips, teacher assistance, and the class dinner. Being a class parent does not require being at school and can be done easily by e-mail.

Vice President: Michelle Knight

Class Parents 2018-19

Nate & Liz Vinton
Mark & Nicole Solimini         
Grade 1
Steve & Lauren Gogolak
Grade 2          
Martins Lans & Katelyn McNeil        
Grade 3
Mike & Lindsay Wands         
Grade 4                        
Deb Helen                   
Grade 5          
George & Carole Maalouf      
Grade 6                        
Curt Burmeister & Suzanne Ibbeken                                                    
Grade 7          
Mark & Kristen Overman      
Grade 8          
Tim & Elaine Mann
Steve & Barbara Nye 
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