A week from today, DCD parent Ty Velde, (father to Liam ’23 and Keira, ’25), is running his 23rd consecutive Boston and 42nd overall marathon for charity, and this is his 10th year running in support of the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Center for Trauma Innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

“This is an organization I truly believe in,” Ty states on his fundraising page. “The work they are doing here not only impacts the lives of us here in Boston, but the lives of people around the world. Therefore, in supporting BWH, you are not just supporting a Boston area hospital, you are supporting an organization that is impacting the lives of people across our planet no matter where you live.”

“Beyond this, I have a very close and personal connection to BWH, as both of my children were born here, and when my family had a need several years ago, the BWH team was there to take care of us. In short, if it were not for the great folks at BWH, you might not be looking at the family you see in the picture I have included on this page.”

DCD is lucky to have families so committed to helping others, and we have such admiration for Ty’s incredible dedication in running to support BWH, Stepping Strong, and all of the other charities he has supported through the years. You can find Ty’s marathon page here, to learn more about Stepping Strong, and to support Ty’s run! And on Marathon Monday, look for Ty and cheer him on!