No snow? No problem! Like many of his peers, DCD middle-school student Caden Schnitman had been hoping for snow for some time. But when the weather wouldn’t cooperate earlier this winter, Caden took matters into his own hands and brought the snow to his own front yard!

As a member of the Sugarbush Freeski Team in Vermont, Caden takes his ski practice seriously, and when the snow refused to pile up this year, he went to work on perfecting his homemade snow machine to turn his yard into a scaled-down version of the slopes he needed.

It wasn’t long before his innovation caught the eye of local news outlets, and soon Caden’s story of passion and invention was being shared with the world!

“I’ve been making snow for the past two years,” Caden told WBZ NewsRadio when they reported on his story. “This is my first year of really making snow.”

In the next few days, Fox Boston 25 and CBS News had also picked up the story, as many viewers found joy and inspiration in Caden’s creativity.

At DCD, we’re proud to provide students like Caden with the tools, space, and support they need to engage in this sort of learning exploration. Our recent middle school Mini Term offered a showcase of student-directed projects and collaborative learning— just one part of what makes the DCD community such a fun and empowering space for students of all ages!

Learn more about Caden’s snow park here: