On Sunday, April 30, the DCD community was out in full force for the 34th Annual James Joyce Ramble, a scenic 10k run through the town of Dedham. This is the 3rd year that DCD has been a sponsor of this celebrated community event.

As a race sponsor, our hydration team of students, parents, and DCD staff members kept the runners well-watered, an important endeavor considering the warm weather! Staff were also on site at the Endicott Estate to engage children and families in fun activities during the race. It was easy to spot our DCD team of more than 20 runners as they made their way through the streets of Dedham sporting their new DCD running shirts. DCD Frisbees were flying all over the grounds at the Endicott Estate, and slung over many shoulders in the crowd were our DCD market bags!
Thank you to our running-team captains, Kelly Kennedy, Elaine Gage, and Alyssa Sinclair, for rallying our largest running team so far, to Leslie Bowen for managing DCD’s Water Stop and our volunteer “hydration team,” and to Caroline Swan and Fiona Edwards for supervising the completion of more than a hundred beautiful sand-art projects with children visiting the DCD tent at the Endicott Estate. It was a fantastic day to work together, run together, and connect with the Dedham community.