The Kindergarten class play unfolded in a world very much like our own, but with a few important differences. In this world, the plants are brighter, the sky is bluer, and the insects are more beautiful! There are honeybees who hop, grasshoppers who do gymnastics, and dragonflies who dance! And all of these insects live together in a beautiful garden with all their friends!

But one day, a spider moves into the garden. Seeing all the fun shared by these insects, Miss Spider wants to be their friend too! But Miss Spider is different– she has long spindly legs, and makes strange webs! And for the insects in the garden, different is scary. Maybe Miss Spider is dangerous! Rumors begin to spread that she eats insects, and now when Miss Spider tries to talk to her potential new friends, they hide from her. Even when Miss Spider hosts a tea party to introduce herself to the residents of the garden, all the insects fear a trick, and hide among the tall grass and leaves.

Then the insects decide to hold their own tea party– a celebration for themselves about how special each of them are! The snails pride themselves on being the slowest in the garden, with the shiniest shells. No one is stronger or smarter than the carpenter ants! And the honeybees are the only ones who live in a hive and make honey!

Watching this celebration unfold, Miss Spider recognizes how different she is, and fearing that she’ll never be like the others, she decides to leave the garden.

But in the midst of this celebration, a shining realization breaks upon the insects– just as they celebrate their own differences that make them special, so too should they celebrate Miss Spider and her differences! Determined to be kind and welcoming instead of afraid, the insects call Miss Spider back, and invite her to a beautiful feast! Along with a mountain of harvest from the garden, the insects also shared with Miss Spider the lessons they’d learned– lessons of kindness, respect, and open-mindedness!

Thank you to Jane Rothwell for helping create these wonderful costumes, to Sean Reardon and Valerie Snow for their music direction, and to Miss Sidoli for her incredible writing and direction of this unforgettable play! Most of all, thank you to our amazing kindergarteners for this amazing performance!