On a chilly Monday morning, DCD students settled into the primary gym for a special performance by The Tigertones, Princeton University’s all-male a cappella ensemble! Founded in 1946, this engaging group has traveled internationally to share their spirit of friendship and music, bringing these in full spectacle to our students. Neatly assembled in orange ties and navy blue blazers, the Tones ran on stage like a sports team entering an arena, checked their pitch with a harmonica, and began their first song. All arranged in seamless, blended harmony, their set included songs by Brenda Lee, Michael Bublé and Bread. Students snapped and swayed to the rhythm with broad grins. After the show, there was an opportunity for a few questions. One student asked how the Tones learned how to sing like that, referring to their harmonizations. One of the members shared that the group has a rigorous rehearsal schedule, practicing two hours a night, four nights a week. At DCD, students also learn that practice is critical to learning and mastery, whether in a science experiment or a music lesson. Thank you to The Princeton Tigertones for inspiring our community with joyous music!