DCD students celebrated Earth Day this year by writing out their Earth Day pledges on paper leaves, which were then attached to paper trees displayed around the school on Earth Day. Each student pledged to protect the earth by doing one small thing to help. 

Here is a sample across the different grades:

I will help the earth by not littering

I will reuse crayons
I will not waste food. I will eat everything on my plate.
I will use less water
I will bring my own bags
I will plant more flowers
I will turn off the TV after using the TV
I will turn off the lights for two hours each day
I will recycle glass bottles
I will recycle things instead of throwing them away
I will put leftover food in compost
I will shut off my laptop after using it
I will recycle paper
I will not use electronics for three days
I will turn off the water in the faucet while brushing my teeth
I will use less electricity
I will ride my bike as much as possible to not cause pollution.
I will turn off the lights after I use them.
I will use paper instead of plastic bags
I will cut the rings in soda six packs so marine animals don’t get stuck
I will pick up trash
I will try not to litter
I will take shorter showers to help save water
I will compost food waste