Friday’s Morning Assembly was filled with much excitement, as Head of School Allison Webster kicked things off by introducing our Heads of School for the Day, Bryson Gouvalaris (Grade 5), and Noor Watkins (Grade 1)! Bryson and Noor spoke for a few minutes about the watermelon snack they selected for this morning’s arrival, and the fun scavenger hunt that they have planned for DCD students during recess!

Following this fun update, DCD students were recognized for multiple notable achievements! Ms. Leith presented awards to the top three scorers in grades 6 and 7 for the New England Math League (NEML), Ms. Hathaway presented this year’s Latin awards, and Mr. Coakley presented awards for the Small Independent School Art League (SISAL) recipients! Ms. Levi then presented the 2023-24 Student Council Members, who shared their accomplishments as a recap of the fun events that the Council planned and orchestrated from the school year! Ms. Levi then presented gifts to our Grade 8 Student Council Leaders.

Following the awards presentation, Head of School Allison Webster shared her thoughts on the morning with the school, “This morning, we are celebrating two things: accomplishment, but also the process of hard work, fortitude and sticking with those hard things, and that process of working hard and staying with things even when they are hard! And this morning, my charge to you is this: at some moment today, think about a grownup on campus that helped make that happen for you, and take a moment to thank them!”

Congratulations to all!

NEML Awards
Grade 7
First place – Jasper Guan
Tied for second place – Kimaya Agrawal and David Shih

Grade 6
First place – Eddie Zhang
Second place – James Wands
Third place – Jack Freyermuth

Latin Awards
Lucas Lackenbauer – cum laude
Eddie Zhang – cum laude
Kenny Knight – cum laude
Jasper Guan – cum laude
Ella Cocchi – magna cum laude
Lily Baumeister – Silver maxima cum laude
Maise Wands – magna cum laude
KJ Irving – magna cum laude
Anna Starmer – cum laude

2024 SISAL Annual Show Winners and Participants
Avery Blume: Untitled Drawing
Brooks Dorsheimer: Untitled Drawing
Mae Barbuto Pelletreau: Untitled Drawing
Iyla Francione: Untitled Drawing
Nick Porteleki: Untitled Drawing

Caden Schnitman: Untitled Block Print—*3 separate pieces
Anna Starmer: Untitled Block Print—First Place

Ceramics: Hand-building
Ayala Levy: Oval Stoneware Bowl
Brooke Holden: Stoneware Platter
Dylan Crawford: Stoneware Platter
Dash Claflin: Raku Tea Bowl
David Shih: Stoneware Plate— Second Place

Ceramics: Wheel Thrown
Maisie Wands: Stoneware Bowl
Meri Freniere: Stoneware Bowl— Honorable Mention
Stella Weisel: Stoneware Bowl— Second Place
Charlotte Keohane: Stoneware Bowl— Third Place
Mae Barbuto Pelletreau: Stoneware Bowl— First Place

Evie Garvey: Wooden Cutting Board
Dylan Crawford: Hand Carved Bowl
Grace McDonnell: Milk Stool—Honorable Mention

2023-24 Student Council
Grade 8 Leaders:
Laurel Fireman
Nick Hough
Sahil Patel
Téa Walton

Grade 7:
Leila Acevedo
Kenzo Allen

Grade 6:
Wes Fireman
Quincy Tyng