DCD has a very well-maintained campus, and it is all due to how hard the maintenance workers work every day. However, I believe that we should not make them be responsible for cleaning up after us.

Sometimes, pieces of trash are dropped or left behind on our fields by us students. We need to clean up after ourselves and help the environment.

One of the most important locations of our campus to preserve from litter is the creek area. The joy of discovering wildlife at the creek should not be put to an end. This natural habitat to frogs, worms, squirrels, birds, and many other animals should not be destroyed by our doing. Temple Grandin, one of our most notable alums, has shared fond memories of watching frogs and learning about everything that lived in the creek.

We are all members of the DCD community and of the planet Earth; we have an obligation to protect both. We are so fortunate to have a 17-acre campus, which we should help protect for generations to come.