Participants in DCD’s first annual Team Geography Bee put their knowledge to the test this morning in an unforgettable new tradition! Three teams convened, each composed of five members with a representative from grades four through eight, all of whom had scored high on a preliminary quiz to earn their place in this final showdown.

As they reviewed critical facts with their teammates, parents and special friends filled the room, adding to the fourth-through-eighth-grade virtual audience throughout the school. This challenge would present a learning opportunity for the audience as well, as the questions would cover a wide range of topics and difficulty levels.

As the teams and audience settled in, the judges presented the categories for the day: A River Runs Through It, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, That’s Capital, The Fifty Nifty, Close to Home, Gotta Know Your Terminology, and Mixing It Up. A hush fell across the room as the student participants strategized among themselves, and then the game began!

Over the course of the competition, students confronted such challenging geographical quandaries as the 3rd largest mountain range in Europe, the capital of Tasmania, and the highest point in Massachusetts, astounding all present with their impressive geographical knowledge, and their unwavering commitment to challenging themselves in this intense competition!

Congratulations to our winning team of Charly, Ella, Gavin, Jack C., and Haley, and to all of our impressive participants!