Just before the start of our Spring Break, DCD’s Pre-K students invited their parents and families into the classroom for their annual Alphabet Museum!
This special project began in January with the alphabet collection unit, an annual favorite that is full of math readiness skills, language skills, and pre-reading skills! Every morning at meeting time, class reviewed the letter of the day, and each student took a turn to introduce their letter “item” brought from home, while speaking in complete sentences with descriptive details. Students then sorted their letter items into different categories, made math observations, learned to estimate by guessing the number of categories, and charted the categories on a large alphabet graph!

Students then compiled their learning into their own Alphabet Notebook masterpieces, which culminated in a very special presentation of their winter work, at the Pre-K Alphabet Museum, where Huntington House was transformed into a magnificent display of alphabet activities! Parents and families enjoyed a presentation of their Alphabet Notebooks, a tour of the classroom museum, and a chorus of favorite alphabet songs! This special unit is just one of the many fun, hands-on curricular activities in Pre-K at DCD!