The DCD fifth grade’s annual Sparta vs Athens debate took place yesterday and today, where each fifth grade class had a turn holding a spirited debate with classmates! Each class was split into two sides—one representing Athens, and one representing Sparta, to debate topics related to Government, Military, Women, Childhood and Education, Arts and Architecture, Daily Life, and Childhood and Education. Tensions mounted as team members representing each city-state volleyed their differing perspectives back and forth, with an impressive ability to think and react quickly with rebuttals, based on their studies of both Athens and Sparta.

The annual Sparta vs Athens Debate is a fantastic occasion for fifth graders to engage in critical thinking skills as well as public speaking. After two very exciting mornings of opposing views and notable arguments, Athens came out on top for two wins, but it was a close battle to the end, and in both debates, Sparta put up a very impressive fight!