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A Well-Crafted Education

Ask DCD students how they feel about their school, and they’ll say the teachers make them excited about learning. Chat with DCD parents, and they’ll tell you their children experience age-appropriate challenges, creativity, and community. Talk with a DCD teacher and you’ll feel their passion for producing independent, articulate thinkers who will stretch to reach their full potential but still enjoy being children.
Our well-crafted program balances academics, arts, and athletics, and community service. It’s a whole experience that connects students to each other, to their teachers, to their world, and to all they can become as individuals. Within a learning environment that is both progressive and structured, students have the opportunity to stretch their limits and to take risks.
Use the links on this page to to learn how the components of a DCD education join together in building inspired, confident learners from Pre-K through Grade 8.
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