In science class and technology class, 2nd graders have been exploring building and programming with Lego’s “We Do” educational tool kits designed to introduce younger children to coding and robotics.

Before starting their individual projects, they identified the different tasks a robot might complete from movement, to a reaction, to making a sound or initiating a light response. Sure, it’s fun to build robots in a science lab setting, but the class also spent time talking and thinking about some real-world applications like electric cars and the attributes such vehicles would need, like the ability to “see” out on the road with other cars and pedestrians.

This first project required students to follow instructions to build their own electric self-driving cars and use the Lego iPad app to program them to complete a series of tasks. The students are setting up some simulations of real-life situations to test out their robots, creating a cross-walk and an intersection with another car. In addition to this being a coding exercise, students are practicing reading and following instructions. Once the basic designs are complete, they are given the opportunity to augment their creations with a bit of customization!