This year’s Grade 7 class play is a true whodunnit, with twists and turns to keep the audience guessing, in Danger on the Slopes!

In a small sleepy town of Vermont, sits an old ski lodge, nestled in the mountains— a spot that seems like the perfect holiday getaway for travelers and winter sport enthusiasts, off the beaten path, where guests must travel to and from by ski lift. An ideal vacation spot away from the troubles of everyday life… or is it?

This remote Vermont lodge is the perfect spot for a crime— hidden quietly away on the side of the mountain, with no phone service, and a death-trap ski lift as the only escape. Recently, a shadow of fear has fallen over the resort, as two guests mysteriously disappeared from the hotel lodge, baffling the local police. What was the motive for crime in this little village? Was it a random incident, or something more sinister?

As the curtains open, the winter season has just begin and the hotel has reopened under a new owner, who is determined to make the opening a grand success. Unfortunately however, things don’t go as planned, starting with the precarious and terrifying ski lift that leaves guests unsettled upon arrival. Mysterious events start to occur as more travelers begin to arrive at the lodge. Guests and staff start to feel ill. Is it just a bad case of the flu, or some malignant plot? Just when it seems things can’t get any worse, the lodge loses power, the ski lift stops working, and the guests find themselves trapped at the lodge! And in the pitch black that overtakes them, guests begin to fall unconscious, struck by a mysterious attacker.

Who is the criminal at work? Is it Lucy, the lodge cook? Or Lucy’s brother, who was last known to be in prison, but is now missing? Or could it be Nicki, the new owner of the lodge, who has come here to escape her past, or perhaps the doctors staying at the lodge? Also under suspicion are the journalists on location, having come to write about the lodge in the Travel section of The Boston Globe. Then there’s the sheriff and her assistant (though is he REALLY any assistance?), the FBI agents, and of course, the hilarious group of older British guests who are supposedly on holiday after winning a competition, who to everyone else’s annoyance and dismay, believe themselves to be part of a fun murder mystery party!

The puzzling plot builds toward its shocking conclusion, and just when it seems the criminal is destined to escape once again, the unhinged British guests declare themselves detectives and solve the case! Who are the villains? Why, none other but Lucy, the chef, and her enigmatic brother, who’s been hiding his true identity and posing as the Sheriff’s very unhelpful assistant! Mystery solved!

Thanks to our fabulous Grade 7 performers, along with the teachers and families for their amazing support! Thanks to Sharon Allen for her great work on costumes and Dan Miller for the work on the scenery and set, and of course to Drama Director Elisa Sidoli for another incredible class play!