The Grade 6 Class Play offered a hilarious story of spooky ghosts, deception, and ultimately, good will! Set in an old English castle, the Grade 6 class play follows the story of characters who learn the importance of doing the right thing, and the value of kindness and coming together to help others!

Following the performance, Head of School Allison Webster gave a big thank you to Ms. Sidoli for such an incredible theater season, emphasizing what a huge accomplishment it is to produce each and every class play and how special these performances are, as they bring us together as a community, and as a school!

Ms. Webster then addressed the Grade 6 class and expressed how proud she was of this group of students even before this fantastic and funny show. “Recently” she said, “I came up to the third floor and saw you all practicing on your own, working together, reciting lines and owning this process, and it reflected how you were completely in charge of your own learning process. You all did such a great job because of what you brought to this performance, and that process was on display today! Thanks so much for a great show!”

Thanks and congratulations to our incredible performers for a sensational Grade 6 class play at DCD! Thanks to all the teachers and families for their amazing support! Thanks to Sharon Allen for her wonderful work on costumes, and thanks also to Dan Miller for his beautiful work on scenery. And finally, thank you to Ms. Sidoli for the final, fabulous class play of the year!