This year’s Grade 3 class play offered an unforgettable tale of ingenuity, camaraderie, and perseverance!

Set in a winter wonderland of fantasy and magic, the Grade 3 class play followed the story of a group of ordinary students who were pulled from their own comfortable world into the unknown, their inner strength and critical thinking challenged by trials of political intrigue and duplicitous characters. Ultimately, it was the power of unity and the strength of selfless action that saved the realm, and brought peace and happiness back to this magical world!
Thanks to our fabulous Grade 3 performers, along with the teachers and families for their amazing support in bringing these fantastical characters to life! Thanks to Sharisse Cail Perry for her incredible work on costumes, transforming our familiar Grade 3 students into mice, soldiers, fairies, and various other phantasmagoric creatures! Similar thanks go to Grade 4 teacher Dan Miller for his work on scenery, whisking our audience away from DCD’s campus, and landing them in a beautiful and otherworldly landscape of ice and snow. Our audience also appreciated the wonderful, scene-setting music by Maeve Lien and Valerie Snow, which conjured an atmosphere of enchantment and glamour! And finally, thank you to Ms. Sidoli for another incredible class play!