The Grade 1 Class Play offered a fabulous story of friendship, adventure and discovery! Set in both town and country, the first grade class play follows the story of characters who learn to appreciate and celebrate differences as well as new experiences!

The first grade students learned many lines, stage positions, and a song. They also learned how to exit and enter the stage during dramatic blackouts.

Following the performance, Head of School Allison Webster shared how proud she was of the First Grade, and how much she loved the message of how fun it is to have friends that are different from us, and how fun it is to learn new things from our friends! She also shared a quote from the Montessori School philosophy, “Never do for a child what a child can do for themselves.” She went on to emphasize “In the fall, you wouldn’t have been able to do this show on your own without the help from adults, but now, as you are older, I am so incredibly proud of you for being so independent and doing it yourselves, so well!

Congratulations and thanks to all of our sensational first grade performers, as well as to all of our fabulous parents for their help in learning lines! Thanks to Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Wilson for helping in the wings and during rehearsals, Mr. Miller and the first grade students for the gorgeous scenery, Mrs. Rothwell for making the costumes, and to Mr. Vélez and Ms. Snow for the beautiful song and music! And thanks also to Ms. Sidoli for another wonderful class play!