Where in the world is…? That was the thought that kept rattling though the heads of the ten contestants that competed in DCD’s annual Geography Bee, sponsored by National Geographic, on Thursday, January 26. Two representatives each from grades 4 through 8 vied for the coveted spot of school-wide geography whiz kid. This year’s Bee featured an even mix of repeat and new competitors. Students were challenged with questions that required knowledge of domestic and international maps, bodies of water, and important landmarks throughout the world. 

After several rounds of questions that eliminated all but two students, seventh grader Jack McNealy and sixth grader Matthew Volfson (winner from the last two years), were the finalists competing against each other in the challenge round of the competition. After some very difficult questions, protecting his title, Matthew emerged as the victor by answering more of the final geographic challenges correctly.
Matthew will once again join other winners of Geography Bees from schools across the country in taking a written test to qualify for the statewide competition. Winning participants at the state level will then compete at the national level for a chance to win a National Geographic trip and a $50,000 scholarship.
Congratulations, Matthew, and all of the participants this morning. Keep studying those maps and reading the newspaper! 
The full list of competitors is given below:
Grade 4: Addie Mims, Brooks Sjostrom
Grade 5: Owen Lynch, Hannah Pavlos
Grade 6: Luke Hotra, Matthew Volfson
Grade 7: Jack McNealy, Halden Dyer
Grade 8: Keesha Theodore, Gabby Rayev