DCD students have robust schedules, so finding moments to be mindful provides them an important opportunity for balance. Today’s kindergarten yoga began with a sun salutation, and then Miss Marie (Mrs. Nagode, Wellness Specialist) prompted the class through their postures: “Arch your back and meow like a cat. Now, down on your belly and hiss like a snake.”

The students moved through the sequence, meowing and hissing in unison. Then, they explored a new posture called “Shark Fin.” Miss Marie asked students to name one fact they know about sharks.

“They chomp!”

“There are different kinds of sharks.”

Miss Marie guided students through the new posture. Holding their hand to the top of their head like a shark fin, everyone inhaled. On the exhale, they slowly guided their hand down the middle of their faces. After a few breaths, Miss Marie asked how everyone felt. It was quiet for a moment, and then one student said, “I feel comfy.”

There is intrinsic knowledge that is accessed through movement, breath, and vocalization. Expression in these modalities provides emotional regulation and relational body awareness, which are tools that aid in academic focus as well as social growth. At DCD, we’re proud to have mindfulness built into our curriculum, and are always happy to witness how our students benefit from these intentional explorations!