What’s that in the Lowell Center? The sound of flapping wings? Why, then it must be the The Hawks of DCD taking the stage for the pre-K play!

Written by Ms. Sidoli and narrated by Mrs. Jackson and Mrs. Swan, The Hawks of DCD tells the story of a family of hawks living on the beautiful campus of DCD! After introducing themselves to their audience, the Hawks searched for tall trees in which to build their nests, brought food to their baby hawks, and taught these babies to fly. Then they spent some lovely time basking in the sunshine and warm weather!

It wasn’t long, however, before it began to grow cold. And guess what– these Hawks absolutely hate the cold. They can’t stand cold feathers, and they absolutely detest cold beaks. So what do they do? These snowbirds fly south for the winter, of course, heading down to Florida, Mexico, and South America!

But for all the fun they had on their vacation… they missed DCD! At the first signs of spring, these Hawks flew home, returning to their favorite nests, and thinking sweet thoughts of all their favorite things about DCD!

Thanks to Jane Rothwell for costumes, Valerie Snow for music, Ms. Sidoli for directing and writing, and to all the amazing pre-K students for their amazing performance in this unforgettable class play!