It was only the second day back at school, but it didn’t take DCD students and teachers long to get their groove back on! As part of DCD’s  Alumni Assembly series, Adam Rochelle’09 and Sam Rochelle’12 returned home to their familiar stage to play some tunes for the DCD community in a recent all school assembly. 

Playing a selection of songs, these talented musicians gave our current students a glimpse at what can happen when one pursues a strong passion, puts in a lot of practice time, and collaborates with peers.  They showed them that the genre of jazz has a structure, but it’s improvisational roots allows for a lot of fun and creativity. Both brothers were very involved in music during their time at DCD and continued pursuing their passion throughout high school and now in college. Sam is a freshman at Brown University and Adam is a senior at Wesleyan University. Follow this link to listen to the assembly concert.