DCD 4th Graders were treated to a special feast, medieval style! After months of writing letters to the King and Queen requesting a land grant to establish their own fiefdoms, planning and designing their lands complete with strategies for sustaining and protecting their citizenry. As lords and ladies, students used their critical and creative thinking to create scaled fief maps, design rooms in their castles, and write and develop informational posters to recruit knights to protect and fortify their lands.

A highlight of this project-based study was to work in the DCD woodshop to design and construct the student’s own medieval shield.  Learning about symbolism and the meaning of color back in medieval times, students then adorned their shields with their own unique coat of arms.  The feast, a celebration enjoyed by the entire class and their parents, featured an expo of all the different parts of the students’ work, a Medieval dance complete with court musicians, and of course a visit from the King and Queen.
Photographs by Amy Farber and Hilary Rochelle