Dedham Country Day’s drama season is off to a rollicking start with Grade 4’s unforgettable rendition of The Wind in the Willows!

With the arrival of fine weather outside, the riverbank mice convene for a beautiful day in the sun, only to be met by new visitors to the land— a pair of moles, who are soon invited to a picnic on the river. The pastoral afternoon is cut short, however, with the appearance of the dreadful weasels of the wild wood, who wish the root the mice and moles out of the riverbank to claim it as their own.

To escape the bluff and bluster of the weasels, the mice and moles retire to Toad Hall, home of Mr. Toad, a generous creature, but one also known to be quite dramatic, and with a known weakness for passing obsessions. While in the past it has been fishing, karate, and tap-dancing, now it is his new wagon, and the thought of the open road, the dusty highway, and the ability to travel the world. Though even this new wagon cannot escape Toad’s mercurial interests— when a passing motorcar topples his wagon into the ditch, he watches its departing form with a twinkle in his eye.

It is at this same moment that the weasels emerge from the slinking shadows, and demand the dissolution of the Toad estate— when their proposal is roundly rejected, they promise: “We’ll visit you at Toad Hall very soon…”

Frightened by this clear threat, the mice and moles determine to seek out the badgers in the wild woods for help, as they’ll clearly find none in Mr. Toad, who has already gone and purchased a new red motorcar. At first, the weasels pursue the mice into the woods, but then an idea strikes them. With the mice in the woods and Mr. Toad in his motorcar, there’s no one on the grounds of Toad Hall— it’s ripe for the taking! They quickly move in, and barricade the hall against Toad’s return.

The badgers, meanwhile, have correctly guessed all of what has unfolded, and together the troop of animals seek out Toad to take back his home— only to find him dismissive and uncaring, his interests monopolized by his motorcar, and the idea of acquiring a fleet of others like it! In time, the animals help Toad see that without the equity of Toad Hall, he’ll be unable to afford his much-desired motorcars, and together they sneak in through a secret tunnel in the riverbank. After a fierce battle, the hall is restored to Mr. Toad… who instead seems entranced by the form of a passing airplane…

Thanks to our incredible Grade 4 performers, along with their teachers and families for their support, and Drama Director Elisa Sidoli for another wonderful performance! Thanks also to Dan Miller for his work with scenery and Sharisse Perry for the costumes!