They say there’s no better way to learn than through experience– and for DCD Third Graders, this quickly became their reality in an unforgettable, time-warping, curriculum-crossing class play: Lost in Colonial Times!

Drawing on their classroom studies of the American Colonial period, these third-grade thespians dive head-first into an exploration of this significant topic, taking the audience right alongside them on this educational adventure. Within the play, a group of modern students find themselves transported back to a colonial society, where they must suddenly confront how life was different in colonial America– just as they have been studying this year in their third-grade classrooms. At first, they hope that their knowledge of this period will help them blend in seamlessly with the townsfolk; it soon becomes clear, however, that a colonial school-house is just a tiny bit different from the modern DCD classroom, and with “zero tolerance for wild behavior,” our modern students soon end up in the stocks. It’s only through applying their new, first-hand knowledge of history that the students are able to escape back to their own time. They’re so happy to be back, they aren’t even sorry to have to do their homework!

Thanks to Ms. Sidoli for her incomparable guidance in writing and directing this incredible play! Thanks also to Jane Rothwell for her work with costumes and scenery, Maeve Lien and Valerie Snow for their musical contributions, and of course 3rd Grade class teachers Colleen Hultgren and Lynne Mayard and all their amazing students for an unforgettable performance!