On Thursday, March 30, 8th graders took part in the American Heart Association’s CPR in Schools training program.  Dr. Michael Cocchi (father of Ella Cocchi, class of 2025), and his colleague, Brigid Joseph, volunteered their time to come in and instruct our students in Hands Only CPR, how to use an AED, and how to respond when someone is choking. 

This was the first time the program has been offered at DCD, and both parents and students expressed a great deal of enthusiasm for it. Students were engaged in interactive mannequin demonstrations and were given the opportunity to ask questions throughout the training.  Their questions were reflective and insightful.  Upon completion of the program, students were given a certificate of attendance. 
DCD nurse Erin Hartford received positive feedback from the 8th graders, who she said seemed to really enjoy the opportunity to develop CPR skills. “We hope this program will empower our students by giving them the skills they need to feel prepared in responding to an emergency situation at home or in their communities,” she commented. “I would like to thank Dr. Cocchi and Ms. Joseph for taking the time to share their vast knowledge and skills with our students.”