As part of DCD’s Program Review in Math, last week, the school welcomed math experts from area schools and organizations. Our visitors spent three days at DCD observing classes, talking with teachers and administrators, and interviewing parents and students. 


Our visiting team included the following experts:
Nancy Anderson, Former K-8 Math Specialist and Middle School Head at Milton Academy
Dr. Ellen Boiselle, Math Learning Specialist in the Dept. of Neurology at Children’s Hospital
Lauren Giordano, Math Specialist at Chestnut Hill School and Math Leadership Network Coordinator
Steve Goldman, Math Specialist at BB&N and Math Leadership Network coordinator
Lainie Schuster, Head of Lower School at Fay School and Presenter @ Summer Math Workshop, author of many math education books
Dr. Adrian Mims, Founder of The Calculus Project, which looks at students of color experience in math
We were thrilled to bring this group together to delve into our math program and explore our curriculum, delivery methods, and student experience in math at DCD. The immediate feedback is that we are doing much right related to how we teach math at DCD!  Longer term, DCD will be receiving feedback from our visiting team on commendations and recommendations for improvement to our program. Thanks to our internal Math Program Review Team consisting of Brenda Leith, Stephanie Chiari, Alyssa Sinclair, Cheryl Price, and Emilie Liebhoff for spearheading the Math Program Review throughout this year, and setting the stage for a great visit for our experts.