The Lowell Center at DCD was definitely the place to be before the start of spring break!  It was time for the annual Lower School Visual and Performing Arts Assembly when students from first grade to fifth grade had an opportunity to share the fruits of their hard work in both the visual and performing arts at DCD.  

The lower school band equipped with horns, woodwind instruments, keys, guitars, bass, drums, and violins, kicked off the assembly with two tunes, Dominance – A Fanfare for Band by Matt Conaway and Twelve the Clock Strikes by Rob Grice.  Following this musical introduction were stories from the woodshop. Students are always excited to share their projects, highlighting the challenges and successes they encountered whether working on a shaker bench, a pencil holder, or even a medieval shield. The outcome is always a lesson is process, planning and perseverance and of course, a work of art that comes with much pride.
The grade three Xylophone Ensemble is a great example of how even young students can experience the joys of musical collaboration. Though playing a specific instrument during this assembly, leading up to the performance, each student learned to play every part and every instrument during class for their rendition of Balafon by Walt Hampton.
Grade one students made use of some new rhythm instruments as they sang “If I were a Little Frog” arranged by Mike Wilson, while grade two students delighted the audience with their recorder rendition of “Hot Cross Kangaroos” arranged by Paul Jennings.
The DCD art studios were well represented as students from grade one to five took the stage to show and describe their artistic journeys with their various projects in color space, perspective drawing, graphic design, and ceramics. And finally, the lower school chorus lifted their beautiful voices to sing “How Beautiful is the Rain by Mary Lynn Lightfoot and “A Million Dreams” by Benji Pasek and Justin Paul.  The assembly was a great send-off for our recent spring break.