DCD Grade 4 and 5 students in the Alternative Music Ensemble explore free improvisation and instant composition, playing any instrument or sound-generating device that takes their fancy.  In a creative playground atmosphere, students develop deep listening skills through an egalitarian, collaborative process.

The music that results in these ensemble meetings is spontaneous and can take any form.  The piece offered here was planned, played, and recorded at the ensemble’s first meeting of the year, with no advance preparation. As educators, we’re delighted by the thoughtful, patient give-and-take on display in this piece; as music lovers, we were particularly struck by its powerful cinematic quality. We urge you to set aside a moment to be still and absorb this remarkable (and unexpectedly moving) piece in its entirety.

The Alternative Music Ensemble is a no-cost, drop-in afterschool offering every Thursday from 3-4 PM.  Music teacher Duane Claussen and Middle School English and History teacher, Rob Thacher are special coaches for this afternoon creative endeavor.