Learning to work together can be a challenge, but ultimately offers the greatest reward of all– friendship! This was a lesson explored through singing, snacking, and solving problems in this year’s 2nd Grade class play!

Trouble descends upon Candy Village when the local Woodlanders mistakenly devour the entirety of the Candymakers’ crop of sweets. As the local Children search out the Candymakers in hopes of uncovering their missing treats, the Woodlanders prepare their apology tour, complete with flowers and various ingredients that they hope will make amends for their careless candy consumption. But in a grave portent of this microcosmic imbalance, a great storm descends upon Candy Village, and as the Candymakers take shelter in the basement of their factory, they soon find themselves stuck in the depths of their own isolation, unable to extricate themselves from this unexpected sticky situation. While the Children and Woodlanders attempt to aid in their escape, they soon find themselves trapped as well– it is only by joining together that these three previously distinct groups are able to triumph. Drawn together by necessity, they happily decide to unite in friendship, in which nothing can ever come between them– not even candy!

Thanks as always to Ms. Sidoli for her amazing direction! Thanks also to Jane Rothwell for her work with costumes and scenery, Maeve Lien and Valerie Snow for their musical contributions, and of course 2nd Grade teachers Christine Holden and Alyssa Sinclair and all their amazing students for an unforgettable performance!