Welcome to the Midnight Express! Do you have your ticket? We hope you stay warm on this dark winter evening, and we assure you that this will be a ride you never forget…

As the Midnight Express prepares to leave the station, a group of late-arriving detectives step aboard, fresh off their last case and ready for a relaxing ride. But why do so many of the other passengers seem to grow tense in their presence? Could it be that not everything on the train is as it seems? And not everyone is who they appear?

When the journey is brought to a jarring halt in a snowbank, the detectives uncover a surprising attack on Mr. Ratchett and Mr. Rockwell, the two most belligerent passengers. Drawn deep into the mystery, the detectives soon discover that no one aboard appears free from suspicion. Who’s to blame when everyone seems guilty? And where can we put our trust when justice and law diverge?

This unforgettable performance stands as the final curtain call for these 8th graders at DCD– whether this was their first DCD play or their tenth, their performance has been an inspiration for their peers, and the capstone to their years of hard-work.

Thank you as always to Elisa Sidoli for her work in directing and adapting this incredible show! Thanks also to Jane Rothwell for her work with Costumes, Dee Tran for her design of the program, Ms. Eutemey and the Set Design class, and all the talented 8th graders for their incomparable performances!