Create. Imagine. Explore.

To create, imagine, and explore—this is the daily practice of the arts at DCD—an essential part of educating the whole child that builds a strong set of creative skills as the foundation for a lifetime of learning.
DCD has a long and rich tradition in the arts. We believe that effective self-expression comes from commitment, hard work, and exploration. A solid foundation is established early and built upon yearly, giving children the opportunity to develop confidence, creativity, and appreciation of the artistic process whether the end product is a visual creation or a stage performance.

Building Interests and Supporting Passions...

A committed and talented faculty intricately joins the arts with academic themes in fresh, exhilarating ways, nurturing and developing new skills and helping children to find their creative selves.

Did you know...

  • All students study music during their time at DCD and over half of them choose to focus more deeply by taking lessons in our Private Music Program.
  • Every DCD student, even the youngest members of our community, learns to work creatively with wood.
  • Starting in Pre-K, each year, every class presents an original play written for them by our drama teacher.
  • Middle School students may choose from over 40 arts electives each year!
    • A View of The Woodworking Process in Motion

DCD Children Learn to...

  • Write songs
  • Design and construct furniture
  • Sculpt
  • Play the recorder
  • Produce iMovies
  • Draw in perspective
  • Perform in dramatic productions
  • Play instruments in music ensembles
  • Make prints

Dream, Create, Discover

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