This spring Librarian Marge Farquharson and Technology Director George Silvestri have teamed up to offer an after-school introductory computer science experience for Lower School students that blends both online and “unplugged” activities to learn about coding. 

Before they get to use the computer screen and keyboard, students engage in a series of unplugged activities to learn basic computing concepts. At this introductory level, they learn that creating code is a means of articulating the steps required to solve a problem or complete a task depending on certain conditions or circumstances. During the online part of the program, they are able to explore and practice algorithmic thinking using scaffolded sets of programming instructions.
In the early lessons, using familiar characters from “Angry Birds,” students explore these new programming concepts as they develop, check, and debug the code to make the bird move. Once students progress, they move onto additional coding programs and activities designed specifically for elementary school students using a program from
DCD is very excited to offer this class to Lower School students — introducing elements of computer science at an early age fosters logical reasoning, problem solving, and creativity. And, the children can’t seem to get enough. They are so engaged and excited that the hour just flies by! Curious about what we are doing? Feel free to contact Marge Farquharson or George Silvestri.