The Lowell Center came alive last Friday, March 9th, as Lower School students treated a packed audience to an array of sights and sounds with their visual arts projects and musical performances.

Much of the emphasis this year was on process, with Mr. Clifford showing a slide show of all the grades working on their woodworking projects. From puppies in first grade to shields in fourth, selected students spoke about the steps it took to finish their pieces with photographs of them working on them in the woodshop as a backdrop. Mr. Coakley’s students also spoke of the struggles and eventual mastery of concepts introduced in the different foundational visual arts classes focusing on perspective and color to more complex projects of creating logos in fifth grade.


Musical performances by grades 1 and 2 on recorder and grade 3 on xylophone illustrated the progression to playing more complicated pieces performed by the Lower School Band and Chamber Ensemble. The Lower School Chorus concluded the assembly with a sophisticated song and dance number, Me and My Shadow.  

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