On the Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving, the whole DCD community, children, teachers, parents, grandparents, and alumni gathered together in the Rand Gym for the annual Thanksgiving Assembly. 

The festivities commenced with our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students carrying out the ceremonial hand shake between the Pilgrims and their American Indian friends.  With much confidence and grace, the Second Graders did a wonderful job recounting the story of the Pilgrim’s voyage to the New World, and the events that lead to the first Thanksgiving. The audience was then treated to a beautiful performance by the chamber orchestra, a medley of favorites from the 4th and 5th grade chorus, and a selection of songs from the Middle School chorus, which included the annual singing of ‘Cross the Wide Missouri’.  DCD Alumni were in full force joining in for DCD’s rendition of  ‘The Rattlin’ Bog”.  It was a great beginning to the Thanksgiving Holiday.