Two DCD students, winners of their school competitions in January, will move on to the next level, state and regional, of two national competitions.

Fifth-grader Nate Felix, the winner of the DCD Spelling Bee, will move on to the Final District Spelling Bee of the Scripps National Spelling Bee to be held on March 24 at the Lynn Auditorium. 
After his win at DCD, Nate took a written qualifying test. Students who scored 20 or more correctly on the written test will move on to the finals. Nate scored 36 out of 40, which put him in the top 5 of the nearly 60 students he will be competing against in this next round. 
Eighth-grader Evan Michaeli, who bested runner-up Nate after an extended final round of the DCD Geography Bee, has qualified to take the statewide Bee on March 27. 
The National Geographic GeoBee includes three levels of competition; school, state, and national. 
As our school champion, Evan took a proctored online test and scored among the top 100 students statewide, which qualified him for the state-level contest to be held at Elms College in Chicopee. State champions are then invited to compete in the national championship in Washington, D.C.
Congratulations, and good luck, Nate and Evan!