My name is Simi LaMontagne, and I am a fifth grader at DCD. This is my second year at the school, and I love it! I was lucky enough to be born to two moms, Missi and Amy, on a very sunny day in April. I have a sister, Rowan, who is in third grade and a chocolate lab named Bear. My family is important to me because they keep me safe and love me no matter what.

Things that make me happy. I describe myself as smart, kind, funny, creative, helpful, and hard-working. Some things that make me happy are art, music, and sports. Art is something I can’t give up or live without. It makes me feel like myself and no one can tell me what is wrong or right. I love to listen to Taylor Swift. She is my favorite artist. I enjoy her new album Midnights. I also love to play hockey, soccer, and basketball. What I like most about playing sports is that I love working with my teammates and having so much fun on and off the rink/field/court.

My favorite holiday is Christmas because we always go down to my Grandparents’ beach house to celebrate. We celebrate by decorating the tree, exchanging presents, and then have a special Christmas dinner. It’s so fun because I can spend time with my family, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. My family is so special to me, and I love making memories with them.