Can you spell “exhilarating”? That was the mood of our 2021 Spelling Bee, as the top orthographers in grades 3-8 squared off in an exciting, friendly, and impressive contest against their peers. Presided over by Mr. Edie, this competition challenged students with seasonal words ranging from “lunar” to “luminous” to “effervescence”. At each successful spelling, the crowd of students roared with encouragement, and in each elimination, there awaited a sea of outstretched hands for congratulatory high-fives.

As time went on, the level of difficulty increased, as did the gasps and cheers from the audience at each correct spelling– along with the consoling sighs at each disappointing error. Eventually, the competition was down to Lily Crowley in Grade 4 and past-champion Nate Felix in Grade 7. For round after round, these incredible spellers volleyed back and forth to the amazement of the crowd, soon entering a sudden-death style format with words like “Dreidel,” “Hanukkah,” “Kwanzaa,” Diwali,” and “luminescent,” all correctly spelled by both students.

Finally, the winning word came down: “candelabrum”. With the smallest of errors from Lily, Nate emerged the champion once again. As deafening cheers for all competitors marked its end, the 2021 spelling bee will not be quickly forgotten! Congratulations to all these amazing student spellers!

2021 Spelling Bee Participants 

Gr 3 – Toby Brodsky and Sanjana Hwang 

Gr 4 – Lily Crowley, Teddy Knight

Gr 5 – Dash Claflin, Isabella Wright

Gr 6 – Avery Ouellette, Ivy Glenn

Gr 7 – Haris and Nate Felix

Gr 8 – Tiana Sandefur, Maddie Jaeger