On Thursday, November 9, 2017 DCD held its annual Veteran’s Day assembly in which we welcomed two veterans who are friends of our Head of Lower School, Carla Haith. We had the opportunity to hear from LTC Annette Budford – Frost (Retired United States Army) and Kevin Fritz Barthelemy who is a Purple Heart recipient and former Infantry Staff Sergeant of the United States Army.

Both veterans shared their stories complete with slide shows and military uniforms for the students to see. Annette spoke about her interest in joining the military because her dad had served, and now several of her family members are serving in the military, including her son. She recently had the honor and privilege to pin him at a special ceremony.
Kevin talked about the fact that he actually wanted to be a marine, and when he went to the recruiting office to sign up, no one was there to speak to him. He began a conversation with someone from the army. As a result of this conversation, he changed his mind decided to join the army. We were very fortunate to have to these guests join us, as our students were able to learn so much from their stories.  Our guests even agreed to answer questions via email because there were so many questions from the students that we ran out of time!