Yesterday, seventh-grade science was filled with Lego EV3 robots circling the floor! The unit’s goal was to teach the bots motion commands, along with using an ultrasonic sensor to identify objects in its path. Students worked in pairs, inputting block-coding into their computers which were paired via bluetooth to their bots. Ms. Kaelin and Ms. Walsh assisted students troubleshooting their code-sequencing, asking what their desired outcome would be to build the correct device communication, and coaching them through the process. Students programmed forward and back-up commands with various acceleration rates so that the robots could learn to avoid obstacles. Initially, many students’ cars ran into objects, but through trial and error, students achieved more complex program instruction and expanded their understanding of computer science. Successful experiments resulted in the cars approaching an obstacle, stopping, and turning around. Technology is an integral part of DCD’s curriculum in each grade, and through this lesson, seventh graders gained a foundation in computational thinking– a vital skill for these STEM leaders of the future!