After spending the summer apart, DCD middle-school faculty believe students need time together in an unstructured setting outside the classroom to reconnect and see each other differently. Recent off-campus activities undertaken by middle-school students accomplished just that by building unity and connection among students in each of their respective classes.


And, as DCD Head of Middle School Nate Buffum noted, “It’s also a great opportunity for students who are new to DCD to develop a sense of place in their new school community.”
Sixth- and seventh-graders spent the morning at Hale Reservation. Sixth-graders enjoyed hiking, exploring, and playing capture-the-flag. Seventh-graders took on the challenges of the Low Elements Course, a series of exercises that helps students learn how to support each other through risk-taking and teamwork.
Eighth-graders retreated to the Blue Hills for an overnight where they bonded as a class and in their advisory groups. Through working and playing together—prepping dinner, playing games, sharing stories, and taking on trust challenges—the class was able to set the tone and establish goals for their final year at DCD.
It’s going to be a great year!