Middle School students were recognized at Monday’s assembly for their performance on national examinations in Latin and Spanish. 

The National Latin Exam is a 40-question test given to Latin studentsthat covers general knowledge of Latin grammar and vocabulary, mythology, Roman culture, derivatives, and translation abilities.
The National Spanish Examinations (NSE) are online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 6-12, given voluntarily by more than 3800 teachers throughout the United States to measure achievement and proficiency of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. 

The following eighth graders were recognized for their performance at the national level in Spanish:
National Average Honor:
Charlotte Jordan
Kelsey Lynch
Ryan Bogar
Silver Medal:
Audrey Linell 
Rachel Mann
Charlotte Epker
Gold Medal:
Grace Kosowsky
Eleven eighth graders received awards for their performance on the National Latin Exam, Latin 1:
Cum Laude: Mia Canning, Molly King
Magna Cum Laude: Melina Kapourelakos
Maxima Cum Laude (silver medal): Chris Capone, Hannah Curran, Kai Dixon, Julia Landry, Alfie Rudnick
Summa Cum Laude (gold medal): Matt Capone, Angela Giordano, Charlie Volpe